*Keanu Reevesy voice: “wow.”* Enter the new Nokia 8810 4G. In the 1999 film The Matrix, the phone was introduced to the public and became the coolest thing as soon as Keanu’s Mr Anderson would slide it open by pressing a button on the side. Mind you, this was back when Britney was smashing the charts.

So yeah, what is happening here? We are living in an iPhone X and Samsung S9 era, and Nokia is bringing us 1999, again. So what’s up? Yahoo Finance reports that in many markets, feature phones (the ones with buttons) are still popular. Last year, 480 million feature phones were shipped, according to data from CCS Insight. That is expected to drop to 400 million this year, but it is still a significant number.

The phone looks proper Matrixy, although you do have to slide the slider with your thumb, instead of clicking a button, which is a bit of a doozy. Furthermore, the phone will have a 2.4-inch screen, with 128MB of storage and a 2-megapixel camera, which is hardly impressive in today’s top segments. Still, Florian Seiche, CEO of Nokia phone producer HMD global, told CNBC ahead of the launch that the company is working with Google and Facebook to bring apps like WhatsApp to the device, which will be available from May and cost 79 euros.

So the phone might be pure nostalgia, but for 79 euros, we know we need one at the office and wait for Morpheus to red-pill us out of there.