On Sunday around 20:30 in the Paris suburb of Aubervilliers, a fire caused injuries to about thirteen people, up to three of whom had to be airlifted to hospital to receive treatment for severe burns, after a Molotov cocktail was thrown at a restaurant. The fire required the attention of 50 firefighters in 15 vehicles to fight in order to save the five-story building.

According to Clément Lanot, a freelance reporter, the fire was large enough to necessitate the activation of the SINUS system. SINUS is part of the ORSEC plan, developed by the French for use in case of especially dangerous incidents, with a large number of casualties.

It makes it possible to rapidly establish a close-to-reality figure and to classify these data by specificity: age groups, sex, nationality, place of residence, place of hospitalization, etc. Designed initially for serious events involving many victims, SINUS is also used in fires and oxycarbonate poisonings. From its first use in 2009, it has been activated more than 40 times in incidents involving 600 victims.

Lanot also reported that the arson was in connection with a “robbery gone wrong.” There has of yet been no official comment on whether the incident was an attack, or what the motives for the attack could be. A forensic team of the French police has been reported on the scene yesterday.