Now we’re talking. The internet’s dad has confirmed his plans to launch an online Humanities University. Appearing on the Canadian TV-show Your Morning, Peterson said he will launch this project because:

“The technology is ready for it. There’s absolutely no reason high-quality education can’t be made available to masses of people at low cost. Since that’s possible, there’s absolutely no reason not to do it.

We’re not sure exactly how it would run, but one possibility would be a monthly subscription to help pay for the content. But the primary source of revenue would be on the accreditation end, on the examination end, for sure. “

Asked what his student could expect from the courses, he replied:

“Well, we would probably start with a list of the 100 greatest books of Western Civilisation. I think we’d start it as a ‘great books’ program. And we’re thinking about making a timeline. Imagine a time line that stretches say from 3000 B.C. up to the present time, that you can zoom in on. Imagen lectures that would be available at different levels of resolution.

So, for example, you might have a lecture 2000 to 1000 B.C. and the major occurrences during that period, that you could zoom in on and get speciality lectures, where the historical knowledge was detailed enough to provide information on that level of resolution.

And then, the content, I don’t know yet. I think, getting the underlying technical structure right is at the moment more important than the content, because I think content would create itself if the incentive systems are set up properly.”

Aksed why he thought this format would be more successful than the traditional university format, he replied:

“Because I think the traditional Universities have abandoned the Humanities. They have become almost entirely corrupt as far as I can tell. (…) We know for example that in the US, the Humanities, for example, the ratio of Democrats and Republicans is about 30 to 1. It has taken an unveblievable left-wing tilt.

And about 80% of Humanities papers are never cited once. And the Humanities have been dominated by a kind of post-modern neo-Marxist cult ideology since the 1990’s, probably starting in the 1960’s.

They have abandoned their mission to students, which should be to teach students to speak, to think and to read, and to become familiar with the best of the world, fundamentally to hone their cognitive skills and operate effectively in the world. And I don’t believe they’re doing that at all. I think it’s a scam pretty much from top to bottom. It’s a very expensive scam, so it’s too top-heavy, it’s gonna topple.”

Peterson’s mission statement on his Patreon page reads:

“The sky’s the limit. I am now starting to formalize my plans to bring accredited online humanities education to as many people as possible around the world. My colleagues and I (who include excellent engineers, programmers, financiers and educators) want to take the humanities back from the corrupt postmodernists, and offer education of the highest possible quality everywhere at 1/10 the price or less.

We’ll solve the accreditation problem as well, offering degree-equivalents with real psychometric value: best student in 10000; best in 1000; best in 100; best in 10; best in 5 (and no certification granted below that). We want to automate and crowdsource the problem of teaching people to write. We want to set up the courses so that (1) the content itself is constantly graded and improved and (2) the same goes for the accreditation process.

We’ll start with the humanities, including history, generating something approximately a four year liberal arts college degree, teaching people how to be responsible, literate, effective, powerful, confident citizens. We want to conduct real research into how people learn (and how they learn fast) and use the results of that research to make education better. It’s high time for the humanities of the new millennium.”