Naji N. (27) is a Morrocan asylum seeker, currently residing in Germany. He is well known to the German police for, amongst other things, bodily harm and having multiple fake identities. Today he is in court for something more serious. He is suspected of having abused and raped a 22-year-old woman for over two hours, during the summer of 2015.

“At the time, she was seven months pregnant with twins.”

According to the charges, Kathrin P. (fictitious name) was on her way back home around 03:20 in the Ihme Zentrum, a residential, business and shopping centre in Hanover. According to police reports,Naji is said to have hit her on the head from behind. After she fell to the ground, he then dragged her to an elevator, where Naji pummelled the pregnant Kathrin. After this continued beating, he raped her in a corner near the elevator.

During prior hearings it was established that Naji played a game of domination during the rape, stroking her pregnant belly during the ordeal. He then turned her over and continued raping her. Kathrin only managed to free herself after two hours by kicking him off her. Covered in blood and only wearing a t-shirt, she ran to the intersection of Gartenalle and Blumenauer Straße. There she was found by a newspaper deliverer, who contacted the police. Commenting in the witness stand, an investigator with the police said that at the time:

She had massive facial injuries, cried. She couldn’t speak a full sentence, her words were cut off again and again by shrieking tears.

The victim’s testimony was given in closed court.

Naji N. was only arrested in November 2016, in the Belgian city of Liège. A hit in a DNA-database led investigators to his trail. Naji N. had been living in Germany since 2014 and had no prior connection with the victim before he raped her.

Through his solicitor, Philipp Kaiser, the Moroccan national explained that:

At the time he was drinking 1,5 bottles of vodka every day. That’s why he has no recollection of the deed, but was ‘shaken’ by what he had done to the woman.

There is some good news to be reported though; the twins survived the attack on the body of their mother and came into this world two months later, healthy.