On September 24, the Dutch weblog GeenStijl published a video item (English subtitles available) on the Gay Pride in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. This year, for the very first time, the new organisation “Dutch GayServatives” joined the Pride’s ranks. The group’s logo consists of a Dutch flag overlayed by bolt cutter, referring to a violent incident in which a gay couple was gravely assaulted with a bolt cutter by youths from a Moroccan background.

The group’s leader, Lennard van Mil, however, did not await a warm welcome by some of the Pride’s more left-leaning participants. His presence was heavily protested, a lot of pushing and shoving ensued and his Dutch flag was snatched from his hands. One participant tried to block the camera with a sign saying “GayServatives Leave“.

One of the Pride-participants argued that:

“Yes, I’d like to say something. We think that nationalists and nationalism have no place in the Pride and that is why we are against the Dutch Gayservatives joining [the Pride].”

Tom Staal (interviewer): “But how are they nationalists in your eyes?”

“They are nationalists. They want a white and prominent Holland.”

Lennard van Mil (gayservative): “We are in favour of welcoming all refugees. If you are against violence, why were you just attacking us??”

“And people who don’t welcome Islam and refugees and people with other nationalities at the Pride are not welcome [at the Pride] in our view.”

Two days later, one of the Pride-participants wrote an open letter to the organisers of the Gay Pride, in which she claimed the organisation refused not only to keep the Pride Walk safe, but also of having caused a “very dangerous situation” by allowing the GayServatives to join in.