Ah yes, the Range Rover. Loved by all, from rich housewives to their executive husbands. From A-list Hollywood stars, the British royal family to soccer players. What the Volkswagen Golf is to the normal class, the Range Rover is to the upper class; anyone can drive it, and anyone looks cool in it.

And they just facelifted the Range to make cool even cooler. The luxury sports utility vehicle (SUV) is British made under the Jaguar Land Rover umbrella, but that company is owned by Tata Motors, part of the Indian conglomerate Tata Group. So yeah, basically you’re driving in a €200.000 rickshaw, but who cares.

And how perfect the facelifted the new model is, will be explained by the boys of Car TV. The vid is approximately 12 minutes, and after 12 minutes you know 2 things; you want one, and it will set you back €200.000.