In Germany, the trial against Ziyad K., a 32-year-old Iraqi man who is accused of brutally assaulting and raping two female exchange students in the city of Bochum on separate occasions last year, has commenced. The victims are both Chinese nationals.

K. has thus far refused to make any statements in court, while one of his victims had to travel all the way from China to Germany in order to testify. By describing her ordeal in front of a court audience, the 21-year-old woman defied the wishes of her own lawyer, who deemed it wiser to exclude the public from this part of the court hearings. “That will not be required”, the victim stated, “I’ll keep on talking until it gets too much.”

She was attacked on August 6, shortly after a trip to a shopping mall with a friend. K. had jumped the woman from behind and then pulled her into a grove. Once there, she was beaten on her backside with a stick and choked until she passed out. The woman recalled:

“I was dizzy, I saw black. The thought came to me that I could die while being far from home”.

Subsequently, she was raped, but managed to get out alive.

In both of the cases against K., who entered Germany as a refugee, the evidence is plentiful, writes. If the man would have confessed to his crimes, he could have spared his victims the need to testify in court. A confession would also have “a positive impact on his sentence”, according to the German daily.

In spite of the above, K. refused to say anything. He now faces up to 15 years of imprisonment for his violent assaults.