Winter is finally coming to an end in Europe, which means we have to start thinking of our shoreline pull-up game. And since Italy has dominated today’s news, please enter the Riva Aquariva Super, built by the Ferretti Group. WHEN IN ROME AMIRITE.

The boat is 10 meters in length and weighs in at about two Range Rovers. It has a Tanmar 8LV engine which produces 370 horsepower which makes the Riva go up to 41.5 knots or 76.9 kph! And judging from the video, that’s exactly enough to make life feel profoundly meaningful for exactly one minute to a well-off couple able to afford a toy like this.

Check out a sweet photo gallery right here.

Riva originally styled its models on big American cars and traces of this obsession remain in the Super, the pinnacle of Italian elegance. The boat is fully covered in mahogany, with the famous maple wood which is used for the deck. A total of 20 coats of varnish are applied, the first 15 by hand and the final layers sprayed in a rigidly controlled environment. Actually, almost all of it is made my hand, also the bow for example, and even de stainless steel details, like the air vents and the searchlight. Sure, this all comes with a steep price tag around a €1M, but it is made by the Italians, and their national banks are as broke as the entire South and just like Belgium it’s not actually a real country either now you mention it so just buy the damn boat when you can out of European solidarity.

Frans Timmermans will be eternally grateful.