“You are all ridiculous,” and “I will never join such a meeting again.” These were the words outed by the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker last Tuesday when he discovered that merely 30 of its 750 members of parliament showed up for the session with the Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat (video below).

Today, a sobering two days later, Juncker’s Spokesman, Alexander Winterstein, stated that Juncker is still a friend of the European Parliament, which he ought to be evident  due to the fact that he attended over sixty plenary sessions, but “sometimes friends tell each other truths that are sometimes not easy to hear.” He then added that Juncker told the European Parliament President Antonio Tajani that he “regretted his choice of words.” Winterstein said:

“For Juncker, this debate is a very important point so he also thinks it’s regrettable to see such an important moment pass in front of a parliament which is relatively empty. The point he made yesterday, is that it appeared that there is a link between the size of the country and the number of deputies present.”

Conclusion: Juncker will probably join such a meeting again.