On 7 February Reuters reported that billionaire George Soros, who has a history of pursuing an overtly political agenda, contributed a substantial amount of money in order to try and stop Brexit. First reported by the Daily Telegraph, the donations have since been confirmed by Mark Malloch-Brown. Malloch-Brown, who has previously worked in senior positions at the United Nations and Britain’s foreign ministry, is now the chairman of the Best for Britain campaign group, which aims to halt Brexit and secure a rerun of the 2016 referendum on EU membership. In an email to Reuters, Malloch-Brown wrote that:

George Soros’s foundations have along with a number of other major donors also made significant contributions to our work. (…) Indeed through his foundations he has contributed £400,000.

In an interview with Reuters, Malloch-Brown further claimed that his campaign group

[thinks] the British people deserve a final say on the Brexit deal and believe the country has been led down a dangerous false turn. (…) This is a democratic and patriotic effort to recover our future and we welcome support for our efforts from many quarters.

A spokesman for Soros did not immediately respond to requests from Reuters for comment. The UK government did respond on 8 February, when Theresa May’s spokesman said:

There are many political and campaign groups in this country, that’s entirely right and as you would expect in a democracy. [However,] the prime minister’s position on this matter is clear, the country voted to leave the European Union, that’s what we are going to deliver and there won’t be a second referendum.