An article on Dutch website GeenStijl highlighted a list of happy receivers of George Soros subsidies. Calling Soros a “billionaire with a dubious morality,” the article starts with his failed attempt to influence Dutch public opinion by ‘investing’ $119.252 in Joshua Livestro’s platform to garner support for the EU-Ukrainian association agreement. Even though the outcome of the referendum was largely ignored, the ‘yes’-campaign was a resounding failure.

In Germany, Soros funded organisations might be more successful – even if, or because, of their association with effective, though morally dubious partners. For example, Soros funded INSSAN E.V., which according to the Open Society list of Grantees “empowers Muslims and advocates against anti-Muslim hatred and Islamphobia (sic)“.

But INSSAN is also in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood. For example, the organisation was paid over 41.000 euro by Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE) (see page 11, PDF). That’s an organisation which The Global Muslim Brotherhood Watch describes as:

“claiming to be an independent organization representing the interests of Muslims in Europe. In reality, the FIOE is an umbrella group that comprises the global Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. Strong links connect FIOE’s leadership, central institutions, and member organizations to the Brotherhood, as well as to Saudi Arabia.”

Besides these links to the Muslim Brotherhood, FIOE departments are suspected of links with Hamas, and other Jihadist organisations. At another of FIOE’s central institutions, the European Council for Fatwa Research (ECFR), according to a Wallstreet Journal report in 2004, during a meeting

…members, speaking in Arabic, explained how European Muslim family life was under attack. ‘Extremist fundamentalist powers based on aggression on the part of the Crusader and Zionist alliance in the West are now preparing their cultural strategy according to a new wave of secular tendencies,’ said Ahmed Ali AlImam, a Sudanese religious figure who advocates the implementation of sharia in his religiously divided country. Other papers accepted traditional norms that directly contradict Western law and society, especially regarding women and marriage. Women should only cut their hair with their husbands’ permission, and ‘any woman who would marry without a male guardian’s consent, her wedding is invalid,’ declared Muhammad Hawari, a Germany-based member of the group. Sometimes the group’s advice seems aimed at Muslims from another era. ‘Children should eat clean food and use clean water. They should not urinate in water wells,’ Mr. Hawari wrote in a paper. Adoption, he added, was forbidden, because a woman might be seen in a state of undress by a child other than her biological offspring. And if a child is adopted, Mr. Hawari said they should not be given equal rights to biological children.”

This is the sort of backward, anti-European thinking Soros finances to help “fight islamophobia“.  But who really is plagued by phobias here?