Stranger Things was the surprise hit series on Netflix last year. Starting with its amazing theme song mirroring John Carpenters Halloween music with the Stephen King font glowing in red, the series oozed the viewers into their nostalgic love for the classic 80s. Backed up by a great storyline, it was a blast for geeks who love references because they had them all. E.T, Close Encounters, Aliens, Dungeons and Dragons, The Goonies, The Shining, Star Wars, X-men, Jaws, It, Carrie, Akira, Evil Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street, etcetera, yes, they really really reference them all.

It had horror, comedy and a great detective element that kept you hooked till the end.

Season 2 promises to be just as fine and creepy. Set to a beautiful epic score, the trailer showed another big bag of nostalgia, from Ghostbusters to Dragon’s Lair, from arcade games to the creatures of H.P Lovecraft, we’re getting it all over again. It’s so 80s that even the posters have that 80s feel, I mean, look at it, they even have a fold running through it. Also here, the devil is in the details.

The series continues on Netflix this October 27th, so clear your weekend schedules lads and lasses, and see you all in the Upside Down.