In the night of Monday, the 27th of February, Kevin Großkreutz, a football player for SfV Stuttgart, made a mistake that would cost him dearly. He’s spending the night in the eponymous city’s Red Lights district. He’s not alone: the 28-year-old has taken some of the club’s youth players with him, some of them not yet 18 years old. Within a week, he will have lost his contract with his club, announced his departure from professional football in a tearful interview and thus, for now, ended a career which had as its high point selection for the German National Team for the World Cup in Brasil. But that is just the insult added to injury.

The only thing the police reported on the 28th, is that there was a confrontation between two groups. That this confrontation lead to a 28-year-old being rushed to hospital with an open wound to his head, and that a 16-year-old from the same group was also beaten up and had to be taken to hospital as well.

We hitherto have no indication that these groups had a history, or that this was provoked,” said the spokesman for the Police. Four suspects were apprehended, but no further information about the why or the motives for the beating was said to be known at the time. Names weren’t released either.

Even though the suspects were apprehended on the night of the abuse, it has taken the authorities until 31 May to actually start prosecuting suspects Ali (16-years-old at the time of the fight) and Alem (18) for grievous bodily harm. Both have records and are known to the police.

They are suspected of having started beating Großkreutz immediately after meeting the group in front of the Stuttgart brothel Madeleine. According to the court case, one of Ali and Alem’s friends bumped into one of Großkreutz’ group. When Großkreutz informed what that was good for, Ali and Alem went for him.

They beat Großkreutz so badly, that he hit his head on the pavement and lost consciousness for a short while. According to the public prosecutor, Jan Holzner in an interview with the magazine BILD:

According to what we know, the youngest of the accused has kicked Großkreutz in the head while he was laying on the ground.

The accused are being prosecuted as minors.