Said to have taken place in the night of 14 October in the German city of Freiburg, an 18-year-old female student suffered a 4-hour long ordeal after leaving the Hans-Bunte-Club disco. Having been given a drink containing some sort of drug rendering her “defenseless“, she left the disco and was, according to police reports, raped by ten men in nearby bushes.

Following a series of arrests, eight Syrian migrants between 18 and 29 years old, one 18-year-old Algerian migrant and one “German without migration background“, are now in custody for the suspected gang rape. At least seven out of ten suspects were known to the police.

Main suspect Majd H. (22) was already suspected of three counts of bodily harm and drugs related offenses. In addition, he is said to be wanted by the police for at least two counts of rape, or sexual offences, including an earlier gang-rape of a 20-year-old woman in his own house. BILD, Frankfurter Algemeine (FAZ), and Focus all report that Majd H. ought to have been in police custody before the 14 October gang-rape, while Focus also mentions he was in Germany illegally.

Youngest suspect fled magistrate’s building by jumping out of window

The 18-year-old Algerian was arrested on December 20, two months after the incident, which was by no means an easy task. According to FAZ, the suspect does not have a permanent residence and was first arrested near a shelter in Emmendingen. After being brought before a magistrate, he managed to escape by jumping out of a window. An intensive police search found him again, and he was arrested again, this time in Freiburg. The police report states that he was known to the police for property and drugs-related crimes.

The Badische Zeitung offers more details. According to the newspaper, the magistrate had requested that the suspect’s handcuffs be removed, to which there was no protest. When the suspect was told the grounds for his arrest in Arabic, he jumped up, pushed the interpreter out of the way, opened a window and jumped out, landing six meters lower in the courtyard.

Neither the two policemen in the room, nor the alerted guards of the Magistrate’s Office succeeded in stopping his flight, necessitating the search. According to press officer Lars Petersen, the 18-year-old with an Algerian passport broke multiple bones in one of his feet. Police explained the grounds for his arrest in hospital, after which the suspect was taken into custody in Konstanz.

The police statement further said that the Algerian has been connected to the gang-rape by witness’ testimonies. These have led investigators to suspect the Algerian had been in the Hans-Bunte-Club in the night of 14 October. Police investigation found the suspect matches one of the DNA-profiles secured from the victim; this makes the 18-year-old Algerian the 10th suspect linked to the case through a DNA-match.

After an earlier case, in which a young migrant raped and drowned 19-year-old medical student Maria L. in October 2016, Freiburg now struggles with the question of whether or not its inhabitants are still safe.

Meanwhile the political climate seems to slowly be changing. In a reaction to the Freiburg gang-rape, MP Mathias Middelberg (CDU/CSU) said:

Deportation of the most dangerous criminals must now also be tried for Syria. When things there get better, even if only in parts of the country, sending a narrowly defined group of people back should no longer be categorically excluded.”