Alrighty, glad to see the Swedes are on top of their game and getting their country back in order.

Well, you know what’s coming. Some passive-aggressively presented playful idea to ‘provoke’ a ‘debate’ about a ‘problem’ that doesn’t actually exists.

Here are some quotes by the gallop’s ‘choreographer’Anna Källblad you won’t actually care about, but we still have to write them down because everyone’s opinion is equally valid and interesting.

“When you look at the sculptures we have in the park and city in Stockholm, you see men on horses and other men. Statues of women tend to be naked, and quite small. Our performance is a fun way to confront it. (…)

Horses are a symbol of power, but at the same time they represent equestrianism and dance  — both female activities which are often marginalised. And just like the female body, horses can symbolise both the restrained and the wild,” said Källblad, remarking that “‘City Horses’ poses viewers the question of how women can occupy the public domain without being objectified.”

What a country.