On 18 April, Swedish national broadcasting corporation Sveriges Television (SVT) published an article on a court case against three 17-year-old boys. The three, together with a fourth boy, were standing trial on suspicion of raping a 13-year-old girl on 14 June 2017. SVT reports that they plied her with alcohol, which she had not drunk before, after which the four of them raped her. Though she said no, the boys forced her to have both oral and vaginal intercourse.

Police pictures of the three convicted boys, obtained by Swedish newspaper Fria Tider

Because of the fact that he was only 14 years old at the time, the fourth boy became a case for social services, not the judiciary. The other three have now been convicted of child-rape. Two of them were furthermore charged with producing and spreading child-pornography: they filmed the rape and uploaded it.

According to SVT, the boys denied the charges, but the District Court found that the footage shows, beyond reasonable doubt, that they abused the girl. They were convicted to paying damages over SEK 186.000 (€ 17.926) and a stint in juvenile care. It does not from the article become clear for how long.

Vestmanlands Läns Tidning (VLT), a Swedish newspaper, gives more details. It identifies the alcohol as vodka, and that the rapists took turns. The judge, however, found that there was clear evidence of collusion. VLT also states that the boys denied having sex with the girl, as well as denying having committed any crime, and that they were released awaiting trial, a little more than a week after they were arrested.

Only Nyheter Idag brings the news that two of the three rapists had previous form, that is to say, they were punished with juvenile care for a robbery in September 2017. The paper also reports that the three are Somali’s, with dual citizenship. Nyheter Idag is also the only paper to quote from the verdict, highlighting the consequences of the footage of the rape for the girl, indicating that

After the incident, she was often confronted by others with images and clips made of what took place.

Also from the verdict is the following quote, explaining what the girl’s mother told at trial about what happened to her daughter:

Her daughter has been subjected to various attacks, such as the spreading of rumours, among them accusations on social media that she had not reported the crime to the police. (…) Her daughter has also been exposed, at school and elsewhere, to verbal abuse and physical attack. At night, stones were thrown at the family’s house.