In Kronogården, a quarter of Trollhattan in Sweden, a second day of consecutive rioting unfolded last night. On Twitter, a user named Amir, who describes himself as an 18-year-old Afghan interested in photography and writing, made the following comment:

“Major fight between two groups [one from] Syria and [one from] Somalia, they beat each other down on the street (sic).

In the Swedish police shorts, the information is more basic. It describes the riots as “about 100 young people moving in the area,” with a majority of them wearing masks and carrying sticks. Two police cars had their tires slashed, while one arrest was made for vandalism. Police requested reinforcements from neighbouring police corpses, calling the situation “very unsettled and perceived as threatening” although no-one was reported injured. Police claim they ended the event around 3:00 o’clock when most people had left the area.

The first night of riots, on the night of 14 to 15 June, saw fighting between two groups of maximally 30 people break out around 01:15. Police say tires were burned in the streets and fighters were armed with wrenches and sticks. According to a police report, a watchman was pelted with stones by residents when he tried to put out the burning tires. This was, apparently, the start of the fighting between the two groups. It took until 04:00 for things to quiet down.

Police are prepared for new riots to break out tonight. According to Christer Fuxborg, spokesperson for the police, they are closely monitoring the situation, and have the manpower in place to deal with any new disturbance.