News website Friatider reported on a survey held under 3.900 young people in the Swedish city of Uppsala, which found that only 18.5% of high school aged girls feel secure when outdoors in central Uppsala. In 2013, that was 45%.

The outcome of the survey is supported by Daniel Larsson, the Commissioner of police in Uppsala, who says he has given his own teenage daughters strict rules, forbidding them to go to town or the mall in the evenings. He is very clear on who is to blame for the feeling of insecurity:

Immigrant boys in groups attack Swedish girls. (…) They are more aggressive when dealing with girls.

In an interview with newspaper UNT, Larsson pointed out that his daughters have called him several times, complaining about being followed around by immigrants. He is not the only one. Other parents more or less forbid their daughters to stay in the mall as well. One of them, Sten Widmalm, says that his daughters had been hunted and held by young immigrant men, but have fortunately managed to escape.

In an effort to increase safety, the Uppsala municipality has organised a security force to patrol the centre and installed surveillance camera’s at the mall. Erik Pelling, Council member for the Social Democrats, says he thinks it is terrible that so many girls feel insecure, and hopes that the new measures, introduced in July, will help. There can be no question, however, of reducing immigration. Uppsala has received many so-called ‘unaccompanied minors’ in recent years.

Uppsala has received many so-called ‘unaccompanied minors’ in recent years.