A 17-year-old and a boy under 15 years of age are in court, suspected of raping a woman on January 13, 2017, in Arlöv, Sweden. The rape is believed to have taken place on a green between Rapsvägen and the E22 motorway. According to the prosecution, the 18-year-old pushed the woman down with his body and removed the clothes from her lower body half with the help of his companion. He then raped her for at least an hour and a half.

Subsequently, the attacker threatened to “kill the woman if she kissed or fucked someone else”, Expressen reports.

Both are now charged with aggravated rape, while the now 18-year-old is also charged with unlawful threats. Public prosecutor Åsa Kristensson:

I cannot say much, as the whole of the preliminary investigation is confidential, except for that part which is treated in court. The only public information, is that is divulged in court.

The public prosecutor also insists on deportation of the suspect who is not a minor.