The Swedish province of Värmland was the scene of multiple rapes and sexual crimes over the weekend. About 2:00 in the night from Saturday to Sunday, Swedish police received notification from Kil, a small municipality in Värmland. According to police spokesman Stefan Söderberg:

A 16-year-old girl reported she has been raped in a hut where she had a party. Three men in their 20s and one of 17 are suspected of abusing the girl and helping each other to rape her. They helped each other to carry out a rape; according to her, they are all involved in some way.

All four men have been arrested, three in the hut, while a fourth was arrested later in is home. Söderberg says there was alcohol involved, and that the four young men met the girl at a house, or shelter in the forests around Kil.

We are now waiting on the interrogation and technical examination of the site. The girl was taken to hospital for examination. As no serious violence occurred, apart from the suspected rape, she was not heavily wounded physically. There are no further witnesses to the event.

According to Annika Collin, the Prosecution Office’s press official, the four are held on suspicion of rape, but

there is nothing now to suggest that this was a gang rape.

Jan Materne, duty officer with the local police, is reticent to reveal too much details saying that:

The alleged gang rape was not accompanied with assault, based on the information we have received initially. We are working intensively on the matter and will just have to see what we find. This type of case is very sensitive. If we release too much information in its early stages, it becomes more difficult to investigate them. There is a great risk of destroying the chance to successfully investigate.

Another unrelated rape occurred during the same weekend

Another report of rape comes from a 28-year-old woman from Forshaga, a place not too far to the East of Kil. The woman claims to have been raped in a resort apartment at 20:00 on Saturday evening. A 30-year-old man has been arrested in connection to the alleged crime. Stefan Söderberg:

The circumstances of the incident are unclear, but the man and woman did have contact with each other before. The man was apprehended shortly after the police were notified. For the moment, we are awaiting further questioning of the suspect. Overall, it has been an eventful weekend with many crime reports. Right now a total of ten people arrested for various offenses.