Holy fuck. That somehow went straight to the soul. Hey, Swedes, don’t be afraid to look inward from time to time and find that you have a heritage and culture of your own.

The instrument played here by the artist Myrkur, is called a Nyckelharpa. The above video went viral on Facebook and garnered over 8.4 million views. Surprised by the traction her performance gained, she wrote:

“Thank you all for your response, wow I am a little shocked to see all this! About the instrument: It is a nyckelharpa, a Swedish key harp, almost like a violin with buttons. It is not easy to get a hold of one, I was lucky to find one in an instrument shop in Copenhagen called Strengelegen, he buys, restores and sells ancient traditional instruments and he only had that 1 he had imported. I’m sure you can find people who build them in Sweden though.”

By the way, doesn’t it remind you in the distance of the soundtrack to one of the best game commercials ever made?