Well, Swedish law enforcement might not be in its freshest state ever- they’re literally begging for help -but at least they have a sweet new ride around the corner.

Last week, the Swedish guys of Teknikens Värld conducted their World Exclusive Test Drive: the not yet launched Volvo V90 Cross Country Police car, or Polisbil as the Swedes so elegantly say. Volvo isn’t shy about their new vehicle and calls it “The best police car in the world”. And they might be on to something here.

Police in Sweden chose the V90 following a series of five specific tests: braking, handling, obstacle avoidance with and without braking, and high-speed driving in emergency situations. The V90 earned a combined score of 9.2 out of 10, the highest ever in these demanding police tests, with the conclusion that:

“Overall, it’s hard to find the slightest flaw in this car. The chassis, steering, suspension, traction control, and powertrain all deliver exemplary performance. Sudden lane changes at high speeds are almost too easy: The car obeys every command and handles lateral forces like it’s no big deal.”

Of course, this is the Swedes commenting on their Swedish vehicle, but it is in line with Volvo’s reputation of making great and safe cars. Enjoy the video!