Fria Tider reports on an opinion poll by Swedish research bureau Skop Research AB, showing that the Swedish Democrats are now the second largest party in the country. The survey, conducted between June 7 and July 6 amongst 1.300 people aged 18 to 84, shows that the Sweden Democrats would win 20.2% of votes. The Social Democrats are still the largest with 27.1%. Swedish elections are scheduled for 9 September 2018.

General trends observed in the survey are that the Moderate Party would receive only 15% of the votes, staying at the level of the last elections (15.2%) which is described as a ‘catastrophic result‘. The Conservatives continue sliding as well, also receiving 15% of the vote. According to Birgitta Hultåker of Skop:

Conservatives are on a strong downward trend, but the trend downward is much steeper on the national level than in local politics.

Over six months, the Conservatives declined by 6.3 percent points in national politics. Since the Parliamentary elections in 2014, the party has lost more than one in three voters, or 8.3 percent points. Both the Center Party and the Sweden Democrats profited from Moderate Party weakness. Sweden Democrats are in a rising trend, gaining 4.8 percent points, while the Social Democrats are down 1.4 percent points. According to Skop:

Sweden Democrats (20.2%) is now unrivaled as the second largest party in national politics and approaching the Social Democrats (27.1%).

The Christian Democrats (3.0%) and the Feminist Initiative (3.0%) score below the election threshold, while the Green Party is threatening to sink below it:

Since the 2014 election, the Green Party has been on a downward trend, both nationally and locally.

The present government (Social Democrats and Green Party) would only command 38.8% of voter support, while the Alliance, a coalition of opposition parties (Moderate Party, Centre Party, Liberals and Christian Democrats) receives 37.2%.