Even though we’ll try anything once, we’re not as of yet in the position to refute the claim that fellatio is like sucking water from an aquarium through a hose, so we’ll just have to take their word for it.

The Swiss Ministry of Love Health (BAG) has run an add-campaign fighting AIDS since 1987, in cooperation with Aids-Hilfe Schweiz. Since 2005 it has been broadening the scope of its campaign to bring a more general, safe sex message. In line with this, the name of the campaign has been changed, first to LOVE LIFE STOP AIDS, and now to LOVE LIFE.

Now, the campaign has produced three new informative videos, together with Sexual Health Switzerland.

Discussing this video with a BAG spokesperson, Adrien Kay, Swiss free daily newspaper 20 Minuten first describes the action.

In one of a total of three video-tutorials the viewer is explained, how one can suck the water out of an aquarium with a hose. A dark-haired woman precisely shows every step. Only the staid, old-fashioned television viewer doesn’t immediately think about oral sex.

‘With the slogan ‘whatever you think about, think about your health as well’ we want to suggestively and with a pinch of irony advertise our safe-sex-check on the campaign website.’

Lets move on, because then there’s Karl.

Now Karl can stuff the intestine.

In the 20 Minunten interview, Kay says the clips aren’t provocative, because the campaign clearly states that it is about safe sex. In fact:

The playing around with clichés and humour make the videos more accessible and therefore more effective.

And if you order now, we’ll learn you how to drill the back hole! No, really!

Because it can get loud with the bigger drill, Martin closes the window. That way, he protects his neighbours from a higher ‘noise emission’.

What a considerate man! And how typical of the Swiss, to make a sex add about respecting your neighbours.