On June 1 in the Henri Dunant park, in the Dutch city of Eindhoven, an incident occurred which saw the singled out victim hospitalised. According to a report by local television network Studio 040 (below):

“A group of Syrians assaulted a young man with fists, bicycle pumps and bicycles, who told them not to harass a girl.”

The report continues:

“One victim, multiple assailants. The victim was in such a bad state that he had to be admitted to hospital. Up until this day, he is suffering the consequences. And despite the fact that it is now ten weeks ago, that the names [of the suspects] are known, no arrests have yet been made.”

Local party LPF Eindhoven has submitted questions to the City Council, and to its astonishment, has taken notice of the fact that Eindhoven’s mayor was not notified of the incident. According to the LPF, this is not an isolated incident and it asserts that especially at night the situation in this specific area can be very hazardous.