Well fuck us sideways. The 24-year-old Tai Tuivasa (@) from Sydney, Australia, just tactical nuked himself onto our map. We had yet to hear of this heavyweight from down under, standing 1.88m tall and weighing in at 120kg, but what has been seen, can’t be unseen: this guy is the new Mark Hunt. The way he found those body shots and kept on connecting was just outlandish, so Dana, give this dude his 50K already man!

Tuivasa has a UFC record of 9 wins and ZERO DEATHS. Check out his post-fight interview after last week’s KO below, in which he conscientiously elaborates on why he drank beer from a random fan’s shoe.

“It’s a shoe-y, yeah. It’s an everyday thing in Straya. And that was a fairly reasonable, lower sort of shoe-y. Usually you get everyone to spit in it, and then you obviously skull it. So, yeah, welcome to Australia.”

Anthropology, UFC style. Nice. Check out this juggernaut’s compilation below, and see for yourself if he has what it takes to be the next Hunt.