The 25-year-old Israeli athlete Tal Flicker yesterday won a gold medal during the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, in the weight category under 66 kilograms. Beforehand, the country announced that Israeli players would not be allowed to participate under their own flag and that the Israeli anthem would not be played.

That turned awkward rather quick when Flicker won gold, and it made for some quite poetic footage. Flicker remained calm and collected and whispered his country’s Hatikvah, while the organisation played the International Judo Federation’s song [which apparently exists for these occasions] while Flicker was honoured under the International Judo Federation’s flag instead of the Israeli flag.

Even the presenter can’t hide his astounded slight contempt for the ordeal while it unfolds.

Afterwards, Flicker recorded a video message about what had happened. And it’s quite obvious to the world who was the bigger man here.