Police in the Swedish city of Gothenburg are still looking for the three people suspected of murdering a teacher yesterday morning in the Lövgärdet neighbourhood. Horrified schoolchildren and parents witnessed how the victim, a man in his thirties, was being chased on foot by two masked men, who shot and killed him after he had fled into a car.

Following the murder, that happened near the school where the man worked, the attackers escaped the scene in a metallic blue Renault. The getaway car had most likely been equipped with forged licence plates, police suspect.

Thus far, police identified and seized three cars which are thought to be connected to the murder. Two people who were taken in for questioning on Thursday have since been released and aren’t suspects, police have stressed. In fact, no suspects have yet been identified at all, daily Expressen today reports.

Gun hidden in playground ‘unconnected’

Yesterday, a firearm was uncovered hidden in a playground near the school, but it was apparently unrelated to the murder. “We have started an independent inquiry to find out what this gun can tell us,” police stated.

The victim not only worked in the neighbourhood but lived there as well. According to police, the man was not subjected to any criminal investigation.