Yesterday France was shaken up by yet another terrorist attack, aimed at policemen, of whom one was unfortunately killed. The political reactions to the attack were unanimous.

French President François Hollande said he was convinced that the attack was terrorist-related.” Dutch PM Mark Rutte called it a horrible act of terror.” Three of the four French candidates, centrist Emmanuel Macron, centre-right Francois Fillon and far-right Marine Le Pen, have called off planned events on Friday, which would have been the final day of campaigning. Marine Le Pen calls for all French terror suspects to be expelled after Champs Elysee’s attack. And Trump said “It’s a very, very terrible thing that’s going on in the world today. But, it looks like another terrorist attack, and what can you say? It just never ends.”

These replies reflect the harsh reality of today’s world, but that’s not the world EU vice president Frans Timmermans lives in. From his office high up in Brussels’ Wonderland, he tweeted merely hours before the latest attack:

“The future o/t world is diversity. To fight diversity is like trying to unscramble scrambled eggs ? It makes a mess. Let’s embrace diversity.”

This tweet embodies all which millions of people despise about Timmermans and Brussels as a whole; the “kumbaya” approach to the peoples of Europe like they’re a bunch of infants. The dismissal of the fear and problems many people have with the religion of peace, which is apparently interpreted by millions of its followers as a religion of jihad. And finally, the thought that he took effort in searching for a “scrambled eggs” emoji and settled for “eggs sunny side up”.