Lorenzo, we salute you and yours. And apparently, so does your city, since you were invited to your mayor’s office after saving the two-year-old Mohamed from a bad day. Good on you man!

CCTV footage from Milan’s Repubblica metro station shows the moment the two-and-a-half-year-old tumbled onto the tracks, just one minute before a train was due to arrive in the station.

Lorenzo Pianazza, who was on his way home after meeting with his parents nearby, jumped onto the track after the boy, also finding time to retrieve one of the child’s toys.

Mr Pianazza told local media he was never fearful for his own safety, he just acted on instinct and adrenaline when he saw the toddler in imminent danger.

“I saw that at the arrival of a train there was a minute-and-a-half, I knew I could do it [in time], and no-one else was moving. They were stuck, [the bystanders] stopped and looked on,” Mr Pianazza said.”