On 8 April, the police in the German state of Bavaria reported that a group of around 15 young men had been causing trouble the night before. The group is described as consisting of young men, aged between 20 and 25, and with a “Southern appearance“, usually referring to people of North-African descent. The police suspect that it was this group, that left a trail of assaults in their wake, as they moved through the Bavarian city of Augsburg that night.

It started around 0:05, by attacking a 53-year-old man, who was waiting for a tram at the Barfüßerstraße stop. A dispute had broken out between multiple young men on the pavement, leading to some wrangling, when suddenly one of them broke away from the group and walked towards the man at the tram stop. He then threw the man on the ground, injuring his finger and causing damage to his hip. Afterwards, the group, including the attacker, made their way in the direction of the center of town.

Around 1:00, there was a second incident. This time, multiple unknown men accosted two 21-year-old women in the Maximilian Street, near a fastfood-restaurant. Based on descriptions of the men in question, the police assumes they are the same as those that attacked the man on the Barfüßerstraße tram stop. The men not only accosted the women, but spit in their direction, causing them to flee towards the Rathausplatz.’

Some minutes later, the “unknown agressors” caught up with the two 21-year-olds again in the Steingasse, who had met up with four acquaintances. Again, the assailants used violence against passers-by, completely unprovoked. One of the perpetrators tried to extinguish a burning cigarette on the face of a 20-year-old woman, who luckily was able to avert the attack. One of the other men hit her in the face with a glass bottle instead. Another friend of the original victims, herself a 21-year-old, was thrown to the ground, injuring her hand and head. Because of a misunderstanding in communicating with the police, the perpetrators were able to flee, before the officers sent to the scene had time to arrive.