In 1988, Ivan Reitman directed Twins starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito as the unlikely twin brothers. And of course, that was amazing, because when being around 7 years old, everything starring Ahnuld was the best thing ever.

Now, why did we bring this up? Well: Triplets is in the making. The announcement has been cruising the web for quite some time, but today the script is said to be finalized. Schwarzenegger and DeVito are in, and will have Eddy Murphy as their third twin brother. The story is simple, Arnold and Danny lived happily ever after, but, since they were born out of a genetic experiment, Murphy shows up, and surprise; they find out another lost brother was created. Well, that’s birth of an ethnic franchise if we ever saw one!

Schwarzenegger and Murphy have not produced anything remotely interesting lately, so let’s hope Danny DeVito brings a lot of his ‘It’s always sunny in Philadelphia’-charm to the table. Production date is not set yet, but we’re already looking forward to the Jet Lee, Aziz Ansari and Adam Sandler sequels.