According to police reports and eyewitness accounts, truck drivers were attacked last night on the E17 road near Gentbrugge, Belgium. The attackers, whose actions have been confirmed by police, are said to have been illegal migrants. Two of the truckers present have provided eyewitness accounts.

One of them is Marc, from Antwerp. He says he was awoken around 02:30, by a Polish trucker screaming and crying for help:

He was being chased by some of the illegals that tried to get into his truck. He fled in the direction of the motorway, but they pulled him away and four of them beat him up. The Polish driver was lucky enough to escape, jumped in his truck, heavily wounded, and drove off. An Italian who left his truck was assaulted by yet another group. They stamped on his legs so hard, he couldn’t stand straight anymore. A French trucker was also beaten black and blue.

That wasn’t the end of it. The ‘immigrants’ destroyed all the mirrors on all the truck that had a light on in the cabin. Marc continues:

Nobody dared to get out and help. Neither did I. I kept to myself and tried not to make any noise. One or two of them I can handle, but what if they attack me in the back and stab me? It’s all possible.

Dutch trucker Remco Bruinier slept at the same parking spot. He also witnessed the events:

It was really scary to see. I consider myself lucky I didn’t get out, that wouldn’t have been safe at all. Trying to be a hero would have been pointless. They were acting like animals. I saw a group of men walk across the parking, hitting trucks, just striking them. They smashed mirrors, threw glass jars. They also beat on a mobile home parked there.

Both Marc, who has found illegals had entered his truck on this parking before, as well as Remco called the police. But the Motorway Police had its hands full with a serious traffic accident further down the road. Eventually, the local police force from Ghent sent some officers to the spot, too late to arrest anyone. “I could see them get away along the barrier next to my truck, into the bushes,” according to Marc. Both truckers are sick and tired of the situation on Belgian carparks. They also say they see the refugee problem has moved. Remco says a lot of it is frustration:

Because they can’t travel to England anymore, Calais is closed and they just take it out on the weakest link in the chain, us, the truck drivers. Since there are so many more checks near Calais, the problem moved to Belgium. (…) They’re getting bolder. The stories we know from Calais, are now happening here. There are not just truckers staying the night here. There were RV’s of traveling tourists. They smash those as well. Our politicians should wake up, or we will have to arm ourselves. And that’s not allowed either. (…) It really is sad that the police and the politicians do so very little. Do people have to be killed before they really intervene?

Nor is this an isolated case.

I know colleagues who have been attacked near Brussels and in Drongen. Everyone is scared, because, see, I’m not a little boy and I’m not scared of anybody, but you can’t win this, even if you have an iron bar of a crowbar in your cabin, you can’t hope to win from such a large group of men. And don’t tell me this is ‘something new’. About twenty years ago, I found the first illegal immigrants in my trailer. Those people crawled in there without me knowing, those were poor little families in search of a better life, but these guys are just organised criminals. The only thing that would have allowed me to defend myself is a pistol, but the law won’t allow it. It’s crazy that we truckers have to arm ourselves to be able to work in Europe.

In response to the latest incident, the governor of East-Flanders, Jan Briers, has called for permanent protection near motorway carparks. He wants to prevent their closure, like that at Drongen. He proposes to do this by heightening and strengthening the walls around the car parks, and by organising a permanent protection force, “either by private security firms, the Federal Police, or even the army.

On Twitter this solution was commented on devastatingly:

Governor:’Heighten and strengthen barrier of all motorway car parks.”
Open borders mean more and more borders in the middle of our society.