Sometimes a headline sounds too good to be true, but we double checked it, and yes, it’s true;

“A drug-fuelled Vatican Gay Party at the house of the secretary of Cardinal Coccopalmerio”

The Vatican-city police raided the house of the Secretary of one of the most important advisors to Pope Francis, Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio (pic below), while a gay orgy was taking place. According to Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano, drugs were also present at the scene.

Police responded when neighbours complained about the noise. The secretary, who is a priest, was taken into custody and interrogated. The issue is extra poignant because his department is responsible for the investigations into sexual abuse by the (many) priests of the Catholic Church.

According to Il Fatto Quotidiano, the pope was furious when he heard it. The newspaper suggests that he should request Coccopalmerio to leave the Vatican for an early pension. The newspaper does not report, however, if the pope was furious because the orgy took place in general, or because he wasn’t invited.