A 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker in Sweden has yesterday been convicted to ten months in juvenile detention plus temporary deportation for gang raping a mildly mentally challenged girl, together with a 14-year-old accomplice, during mid-January in Arlöv, near the city of Malmö. The victim, who is below the age of eighteen, was also filmed and threatened by the two assailants.

Early in the evening, she had been in contact with the 17-year-old via text messages and arranged to meet with him near an underpass. The refugee and his accomplice then tore off her clothes and repeatedly raped and abused the girl, who’s “intelligence corresponds to that of a twelve-year-old”, daily Expressen reports. In her testimony, the victim described how the attackers used their physical superiority – as she pleaded “no” and “stop”.

After the rape, that was partially filmed and photographed, both attackers kissed the girl. She was subsequently threatened with murder by the 17-year-old:

“Now, we are together. If you kiss or have sex with someone else, I’ll kill you.”

Once the girl was safe at home, she immediately told her parents of the ordeal. Due to the trauma she had suffered, she was unable to attend school for a period of time.

‘Sex in friendly atmosphere’

In court, the oldest perpetrator denied rape, claiming instead that he had previously visited the girl’s home and, that they “went out and had sex in a happy atmosphere” as well,  in spite of the existence of forensic evidence which he has not been able to explain. The convicts had apparently filmed the gang rape and showed it in court to ‘prove’ that no force or violence was involved in the incident. The tape, instead, provided the court with crucial parts of the evidence against them.

In its verdict, Malmö District Court judged the case to be an aggravated rape, “since the girl suffered sexual abuse by several persons.” Following his detention, the 17-year-old Afghan will, therefore, be expelled from Sweden for a period of ten years.

Female judge against deportation

Despite the horrific details of this case – and while maintaining the deportation verdict – chief judge Monica Felding nevertheless voiced concern about deporting the convict to his home country of Afghanistan “because of the security situation and the boy’s psychological problems,” Sydsvenskan writes. The 17-year-old came to Sweden as an unaccompanied refugee four years ago and still has relatives in Afghanistan.

Due to his age, the 14-year-old boy is not criminally responsible in Swedish law. His case has been handed over to the municipal welfare services in the town where he resides.