Source: Joe’s Garage Facebook page

Within one month, there were three brutal attacks on guests in the centre of the Kassel nightlife at its party mile at the Friedrich-Ebert-Straße. In all cases, the perpetrators attacked their victims in front of a disco or pub. On March 12, a young couple was attacked, after which the girl needed to go to the hospital.

On March 18th, a 29-year-old from Bonn was beaten into the hospital by several men in front of the “Fes” bar. Almost at the same place, a 31-year-old from Kassel was injured with a knife. The perpetrators were said to have spoken in Arabic. Dirk van der Werf said, co-owner of “Joe’s Garage” bar, said: “Nowadays we must call the police much more often than before.”

Van der Werf explained that since the end of 2014 there had been a growing number of thefts in the pub and that women have been harassed (groped and beaten). The perpetrators were often young men from Arab and African countries. Van de Werf commented by saying:

“We have always had a cosmopolitan pub. All nationalities are welcome here (…) but this development is really scary.”

Van der Werf once caught a man who had stolen the wallet of a service employee. The thief was known to the the police as a stateless Palestinian. “Because of such types the coexistence of the different nationalities goes downhill,” Van der Werf concluded.

Nasrat Ansari, the boss of “Bohemia”, came to Germany as an Afghan refugee in 1992. The 39-year-old also said there are problems with theft and harassment of women in his pub. He had tried to explain to refugees how to deal with women here. When Van der Werf once asked some of the men why they did what they did. They replied that:

“Women have no right (…)  Allahu akbar.”

Mr Bischoff, co-owner of “Joe’s Garage”, added that, of course,  there are also native German guests who sometimes behave like idiots at night.

Following the example of “Joe’s Garage” and “Cafe Bohemia”, Frank Lüst, co-owner of the “Fes” said that “in order to give the guests a higher sense of safety, he also thinks about putting bouncers in front of his pub.” Ansari supports the idea that police must show an increased presence in the weekends on the party mile.

Strangely the police doesn’t seem to observe any changes in the Kassel nightlife. According to police officer Jürgen Wolf: “There is no significant increase” in violence at the mile.