Research by the Dutch broadcaster RTL Nieuws has revealed that a convicted terrorist and Islamic State sympathiser was last week arrested at the Dutch airforce base at Volkel, after drawing attention by making pictures of the area during his work shift in a construction crew that was tasked with digging assignments on the base. Supposedly, the man was replacing a crew member who had fallen ill.

The arrest has been confirmed by the Public Prosecutor and the Ministry of Defence.

In September 2015 the man was arrested at the Turkish-Syrian border where he attempted to join a “terrorist organisation”, according to that year’s court verdict in which he was sentenced to two years in prison. In 2015, the court also concluded the man “became progressively more extreme in his religion”, he supported the “jihadist school of thought” and “supported Islamic State”.

The man had been out of prison for a few months now.

Two days after his arrest, the man was set free, because, according to the Public Prosecutor:

“Research by the military police concluded there are no leads suggesting he committed a felony or was planning to do so.”

The Public Prosecutor furthermore comments that:

“Although this is an unpleasant incident, there is no reason to panic.”

A Ministry of Defence spokesman assured that the department will:

“study how this occurred, to see if we did anything wrong.”