The movie industry has many famous and talented directors. But some directors are so talented and have such a recognisable style, that movie studios back-off with their notes and demands, and let the directors just do their jobs according to their own vision. The most well-known example, of course, is Tarintino. Directors like these are called; auteurs.

Less known to the mainstream public is the younger auteur; Wes Anderson. His early movies, like The Royal Tenenbaums or The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou were so incredibly stylish and ‘arty’, that they were almost impossible to plough through as a viewer. But they did set Anderson’s record straight as a true auteur, with his many recognisable technical precision quirks like; tracking shots, symmetry, palettes and patterns. In his later movies Moonlight Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel he developed his sense of story-telling and that aspect, combined with his style, transformed him into a true master of his craft.

His latest film ‘The Isle of Dogs’ promises to be another true ‘Wes Anderson’. He has his recurring stable of actors who he’s always working with, the most loyal one being Bill Murray, who has had roles in all but one of Anderson’s films. But also Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Harvey Keitel and Jeff Goldblum are joining the party again this time. All of them can breathe Anderson’s fantastic dry humour and returning themes like family and nostalgia.

For those who aren’t familiar with Anderson’s work, check out the amazing Prada commercial he made in 2013. And for all, enjoy the trailer of ‘Isle of Dogs’. Out soon.