After negotiations to form a new government for the Netherlands broke down over the subject of immigration, the second largest party, Geert Wilder’s PVV has demanded that he be included in new negotiations. The full text of his invitation to the Dutch Tories (VVD), who will hold their party congress this weekend, will appear tomorrow.

Now that the VVD, Christian Democrats (CDA), (Liberal Progressives) D66 and the GreenLeft (GroenLinks), (representing 85 out of 150 seats in parliament) can’t agree, the so-called ‘engine block’ of VVD, CDA and D66 (71 seats; 76 needed for a majority) have few options left.

The Labour party (9 seats) is unwilling to cooperate after its devastating electoral defeat. And while CDA is willing to negotiate with left-wing Christian party CU (5 seats, which would guarantee the closest possible majority in both Parliament and senate), D66 leader Alexander Pechtold has called cooperation with CU “undesirable.

The Socialist SP (14 seats) and PVV (20 seats) are the only viable options left. However, Emile Roemer of the SP has gone on record saying he doesn’t want to govern with the VVD. He has told the ‘Informateur’, who is charged with exploring the possibilities for the new cabinet, that he is unwilling to govern with the VVD:

It is a ‘no’, it was a ‘no’, and just assume it will remain a ‘no’.

The VVD, in turn, has said it will not govern with the PVV, leading PVV-leader Geert Wilders to heckle VVD-leader Mark Rutte, saying

This is Rubber Robbie, engaged in his own private little prime-minister’s game. He’ll get in bed with everybody, except the PVV; the only party with which he could get a strict immigration policy off the ground. Nobody understands this.

All in all, the puzzle to form a new government is far from over in the Netherlands.