Even though Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom is, with 20 seats in the National Parliament, the country’s second largest party, it is still being ignored during the ongoing cabinet formations.

Today, the largest Dutch newspaper, the ‘Telegraaf’ published an interview with Geert Wilders, in which he gives his take on the current stance of things.

[Telegraaf] The VVD has organised its annual members’ meeting for today. A lot of members are not enthusiastic about an adventure with GreenLeft. Do you expect anything from the liberals?”
[Wilders] My message is: your leader is a weather vane. Which is something that will hurt the VVD and is bad for the country. Rutte [current PM] is a spineless man, who will get in bed with everybody, as long as he can stay PM. With everybody, except the PVV; the only party with whom he could arrange for a strict immigration policy. Nobody gets it. Rutte is in it, not for a strict immigration policy, but for power.

I will not change my positions to be acceptable the next time. Because I am convinced we are losing our country. We are capitulating. Things will go very, very wrong. Especially when, what I sincerely hope will not happen, there are more terrorist attacks.

(…) Just take the last weeks, for example. The Amsterdam police want headscarves. That’s Shariah-police. Take the example of the convicted IS-terrorist, working at an airbase of the Royal Netherlands Airforce. Take the authorities that offer a deal to the media to remain silent about the high level of crime among asylum seekers. See how people are terrorised by Islamic youths. How 38% of Turks in the Netherlands agree with Erdogan that the Dutch are fascists!

These are not incidents. This is the downfall of the Netherlands. If we experience one or multiple attacks, that’s it. The game will be on. This I can predict. (…) I hope that there is no violence. I have no idea how people will react… I’m just noting that there is a dormant fire, waiting for something to fuel it and I just hope it will be containable. The PVV chooses the high road of following the rule of law, of peaceful opposition in parliament.”

[Telegraaf] “Aren’t you just sowing fear now?”
[Wilders] “Am I not simply noting facts?”
[Telegraaf] “But you then go on to declare, to predict that ‘the game will be on’.”
[Wilders] “I predict that there are more than embers, that things will only be worse. And that we have a prime minister, of the largest party in the country, declaring during negotiations:’I don’t care, it doesn’t interest me, as long as I stay prime minister.’ It is not about solutions, it is about the continuation of power.