Guys, agent Blazkovicz is on a mission again, and every game nerd in the world knows what that means; a sh*tload of guns, bombs, Nazis and zombies. This 27th of October, we’re back at Wolfenstein, one of the most important video game franchises in history. The gameplay looks stupendously awesome, combining Wolfenstein’s look and feel with 2016’s Doom hysteria, and that’s definitely a good thing.

Castle Wolfenstein started as a 1982 platformer, but most gamers know the game as it was unleashed upon the world in 1992. Besides Doom, it was the first 3D experience for gamers on their PC’s, laying the foundation for the first person shooter. No longer strolling from left to right in a platformer, you were in the game. Then a decade later, in 2001, the most important game of the franchise came out; Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It was a reboot with epic music, an extremely dark tone, intense gunfights and Blazkovicz fighting the Nazis paranormal division, perfectly combining the WW2 genre with science fiction. Not only was the story fresh, the gameplay was flawless too.

And yes, next week we’ll get to experience the latest episode in the franchise, Wolfenstein The New Colossus. The trailer looks brutal, but will the game itself live up to it? Fortunately, the guys from Trusted Reviews had a chance to play the game and their preview doesn’t hold back:

“There’s no two ways about it – Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is awesome. Having played a couple of its missions, it’s clear that MachineGames has taken all that was brilliant about the first two entries, turned up the dial to 11 and given everything a new lick of paint. In a year filled with must-buy shooters, from what I’ve seen The New Colossus will be right up there with the best of them.”

Reading this, one can only quote the great Wesley Snipes in Blade from 1998: “ooh, so exciting.” Indeed it is good sir.