On several occasions, TOC reported on the Dutch correspondent Harald Doornbos; his analysis of the potential rise of Saif-al-Islam, Muammar Khadaffi’s son, his observations on the different attitude towards extremism in Muslim countries compared to the West and his observations on the Wests’ flawed refugee policies.

This week he spoke to a liberated 8-year-old Yazidi girl in Syria. She was held as a slave for three years in Raqqa.


“I can almost cry. I’ve just met a frightened 8-year-old Yazidi girl who has been abused as a slave by foreign ISIS-fighters. She has been liberated by Kurdish fighters in Raqqa, just three days ago. The girl was so frightened (…) it’s so horrible. Her brother still works as an ISIS-slave in Raqqa. Her mother was also sold as a slave. Her father is in Iraq. The foreign fighters are animals, so many of them here in Syria have slaves. It is completely institutionalised. Children and women are sold via WhatsApp.

I’ve made pictures of the Yazidi girl, but I will not publish them. They are just too delicate. The girl has had contact with her father, and in a couple of days, she will be taken to him in Iraq by the Syrian Kurds. ISIS-slaves receive new Islamic names, and according to a Kurdish fighter, this girl almost forgot her own Kurdish name after three years.”

Then Doornbos continues on about the foreign fighters that want to return home to the West.

“I’ll bet these types of ISIS-fighters will soon be invited to the ‘talk shows’. They will remain silent about their own crimes and will cry that The Netherlands will not give them a second chance. And this will be a big problem: the finding of evidence of their crimes. There are no independent observers in Syria, and as long as the foreign fighters haven’t published a video online where they’re seen murdering people, a Dutch judge will ask for other forms of evidence. And that’s the problem: Yes, it is a crime if you travelled off to Syria for Jihad, but it has never resulted in high sentences.”

Doornbos ends his thread by stating:

“By the way, people who extensively use ISIS-terror to bash Islam. Pffff. So tiring. Most ISIS-victims are Muslims. And equally tiring are people who deliberately look away from ISIS-terror because it does not fit into their local political narrative of  ‘inclusion.

But now, Yezidi women are bound to restore their honour and avenge their killed, maimed and enslaved sisters. They will fight alongside the Kurds in Raqqa.

Here is their declaration of war:

“As everybody knows, thousands of Êzidî women were enslaved by ISIS gangs after the genocide on the 3rd day of the 8th month. Most women were sold in Mosul markets, while many others were taken to Raqqa and other cities.

As the Êzidxan women’s army YJŞ, we have organized with the vengeance and freedom of the Êzidî women in mind. In this basis, we promised to fight in every area and continue our struggle until the freedom of enslaved Êzidî women is ensured, wherever they may be, and the women enslaved and killed in the 2014 genocide are avenged.

Not just within the borders of Shengal, we will keep our promise and fight wherever there are enslaved Êzidî women.

As everybody knows, the operation dubbed “Great Battle” was launched in Raqqa some time ago. The Rojava Women’s Defense Units, the YPJ, has been the ones to offer support to the YJŞ in all areas. As the YJŞ and the Êzidî women, we will take our place in this Great Battle, shoulder to shoulder and in unity with the YPJ. As Êzidî women our primary goal is to save the enslaved women held by the enemy.

We know they are waiting for us to ensure their freedom and to create a secure life for them. We consider ourselves responsible in this manner. We will strive until our last drop of blood to liberate enslaved women. In this manner, we are on our way to Raqqa with great enthusiasm an a great sense of duty. We will do whatever task befalls us. We are aware that the women trust in us and expect us.

In this basis, once more, we declare that we will fight until the last drop of our blood for the freedom of all oppressed women, wherever they may be, and continue our struggle. We will raise the flag of struggle we inherited from the martyrs of the sacred lands and we will continue our fight against enslavement and imprisonment in all areas.”