In a number of tweets director of the Amsterdam debating centre De Balie, Yoeri Albrecht, chastises the Dutch government for “reprehensible carelessness.” He had invited Zineb el-Rhazoui, a French feminist known for speaking out against the totalitarian and oppressive elements of Islamic culture and religion, to speak in Amsterdam. The entire session can be seen in the video above.

Despite the fact that IS has threatened to kill her, and she survived the attack on Charlie Hebdo three years ago by a coincidence, the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV) refused to provide security. What is even worse, it refused to give permission for El-Rhazoui’s French security detail to carry arms.

In response, De Balie has decided to hire its own security, with Albrecht saying:

This creates an atmosphere in which our guests no longer feel safe enough to say what they want to say.

He would later tweet:

It is very serious that the NCTV refuses the very seriously threatened feminist @ZinebElRhazoui good protection. It is incomprehensible that Minister of Internal Affairs @KajsaOllongren doesn’t take any action. #internationalwomensday


The reprehensible carelessness of the Dutch government with regard to safety [has] gradually [become] incredibly tiresome and worrying. @ferdgrapperhaus [Minister of Justice and Safety] @KajsaOllongren Abandoning feminists on #internationalwomensday2018 who are seriously threatened because of their views is beyond cynicism.

It beggars belief that the Dutch government does not offer protection, especially not on such a symbolic day. And it feels beyond comprehension that it does not even allow French security to do its job. But it should come as no surprise, that when it didn’t cost anything, Kajsa Ollongren was still very much Charlie.