Coming fast on the heels of the Amsterdam Police chief’s declared intention to start allowing the Islamic headscarf as part of the Police uniform in order to attract more recruits from a migration background, the first female veiled female officer made her appearance.

According to Labour City Council member Sofyan Mbarki, the female officer in question is a neighbourhood officer. His tweet reads:

“Today our neighbourhood officer is wearing a headscarf out of solidarity and because she supports a more diverse police corps. Only positive reactions #hero”

Other sources confirm the officer in question is not a Muslim herself. The Amsterdam Police department devoted a tweet to the matter, reading:

“We will engage in a conversation with the neighbourhood officer in question. This concerns an individual action. Our uniform is lifestyle neutral, this doesn’t change that.”

The discussion has ben vivid the past few days. The main argument for allowing the headscarf seems to be to make the police corps a more accurate representation of the city’s ethnic composition. The main argument against the headscarf, which is even voiced by known left-leaning multicultural proponents, seems to be that Dutch citizens would have a hard time accepting the exercise of state authority by an officer whose Islamic faith is expressed so explicitly.