During an ‘incident’ in the Antwerp district Borgerhout during the carnival called Sinksenfoor during the night of Monday to Tuesday, two police officers were wounded. The policemen tried to intervene when they saw two boys being targeted, when a group of young men turned on them. During the tug-of-war, a policeman fell on the ground and was kicked in the face. The second, an inspector, used pepper spray to stop the kicking, but was hit in the face by a third man. One of the officers was sent to the hospital to have his wounds addressed, the other was lightly wounded. The police have searched the area, but has not yet located any suspects.

According to police spokesman Wouter Bruyns:

Two colleagues were wounded. An inspector was brought to hospital for bleeding wounds to the head and will be unable to work for multiple days. His colleague will go to a GP himself. We are investigating the case.

The past few days, Borgerhout was troubled, with multiple policemen falling victim to aggression. Late Sunday afternoon, a group of youths attacked a police patrol arresting another young man. Two men were led before a magistrate to stand trial.

Also, during the night of Saturday on Sunday, bystanders threw eggs at police personnel inquiring after an accident.