On 23 May Austrian broadcaster ORF published the news that a 36-year old Romanian man had imprisoned, abused and raped two 38-year-old homeless women in Vienna. According to one of the victims, a 38-year-old woman from Carinthia, the two women met the man on 24 April near the Philadelphia Bridge, after which he invited them for drinks. They followed him to a derelict house on the Triester Street, where the man proceeded to lock them up in two separate rooms.

Police photos of the suspect / LPD Vienna

According to police spokeswoman Irina Streier,

the 38-year old was beaten, physically abused and raped multiple times by the accused. The victim was operated upon and had to spend weeks in hospital.

In hospital she was treated for broken bones and wounds to the face. Amongst others, the woman’s nose, jaw and multiple ribs were broken. The woman was both beaten and whipped, in what is described as ‘downright torture’. From the other room she heard the cries of her friend, the woman told investigators after her ordeal.

Paradoxically, the heavy injuries the woman sustained saved her. Streier:

She told [the suspect] that she was so badly wounded she needed to see a doctor. He then accompanied her to the Philadelphia Bridge.

When admitted to hospital, she was able to tell her story, after which the police became involved. The police were quickly able to apprehend the 36-year-old Romanian, when he returned to the scene of the crime on 26 April.

According to the police, the man is homeless himself,

but he has a key to the premises, and has gone in and out as he pleases. The investigative officers suspect, that he occasionally spends the night there.

The Romanian denies having abused the woman. He claims she came to him with her wounds. The woman, meanwhile, has identified him as her torturer.

Police are still searching for the second victim. She is thought to be around 38 years old, about 1,68 meter tall, slender with brown hair falling to her shoulders. Her name could be Kristina. On 24 April she wore Jeans with a t-shirt. She is suspected of being homeless. Police ask the public to help find her, and any other possible victims of the Romanian, to step forward.