Last Saturday TOC reported on the Swedish 19-year-old Tova, who on last Saturday night went missing near the town of Hudiksvall. “Three men” in their twenties had been arrested in relation to the disappearance.

Now, Swedish local media report that police think they have found Tova’s body. Swedish Police central region press spokesperson Christer Nordström told news agency TT:

“We have found a body that we think is the missing woman. But it needs to be formally identified and that hasn’t happened yet.”

Local sources furthermore report that:

A significant police operation searched for her in the following days, with around 50 police officers along with search and rescue dogs and a helicopter contributing.

A lake and small island were searched in connection with the investigation late on Monday night, while a property adjacent to the lake was cordoned off. Witnesses had reportedly seen three men in a boat acting strangely in the area.

The police has so far elected to remain secretive about the role and background of the three apprehended suspects. The same goes for the circumstances in which the body was found:

“At present we will neither comment on the scene of the find or the circumstances surrounding the person who was found dead.”