Teach us how to Dougie!” Douglas Murray is at it again, and as always, that’s worth a few minutes of your time.

Murray recently published a book called “The strange death of Europe”, the foreword of which can be read here. The book received a lot of positive reviews, except, of course, by The Guardian, which saw fit to coin the term “Gentrified xenophobia“. Oh well, he’ll live. According to Murray:

“It’s very unlikely that when you import people into a continent from so many different places around the world, that you aren’t, first of all, going to import the world’s problems as well as the world’s people.”

The rest of LBC’s interview can be viewed here.

Another, quite entertaining, “Take of the week” by Douglas Murray for the BBC, can be viewed below.

“Today, Europe has become a home, for anyone who wants to call it home. While the European peoples are losing the only place they have to call home.”