On May 16 a skirmish broke out between Erdogan’s security detail and Kurdish and Armenian protesters in front of the Turkish Ambassador’s home in Washington D.C., leaving eleven people and one police officer injured.

The melee was captured on video, but yesterday new footage surfaced showing Erdogan watching the melee unfold from a distance.

However, while protesters are chanting “baby killer Erdogan” in the background, the bodyguard at the back right door can be seen communicating with the person in the Maybach S-Class’s backseat. On 00:12, that bodyguard clearly communicates a message to the bodyguard in front of him, who seems to acknowledge an order before quickly making his way down to other Turkish security officials who are lined up across the protesters.

Seven seconds later the fight erupts.

At 1:13, The Turkish President Erdogan can be seen exiting the vehicle via the door through which the prior communication took place.

Of course, this doesn’t conclusively prove anything, as it is circumstantial evidence at best, but the order of events does seem to implicate the Turkish President enough to justify a further investigation.