Following a minor car collision in the Dutch city of Woerden, a scuffle broke out between the police and a man who passed by the accident and was probably an acquaintance of one of the people involved in the collision.

After some pushing, shoving, and overt verbal threats by the suspect, the police decided to arrest him. When he resisted and tried to enter his car to make a run for it, they pepper sprayed him, but apparently to no avail.

As is usually the case with incidents concerning this side of the anthropological spectrum, there’s a lot of scolding that amounts to wishing “cancer” upon the police officers.

A frustrated bystander can be heard saying:

“Goddamnit just shoot him, unbelievable.”

The suspect managed to escape the law and was only accounted for when he turned himself in later this afternoon. The police tweeted:

“The person is known to us and reported himself at the station. He was heard and will later have to report to a judge”